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My Mission


I am a Biochemical Engineer (PhD), Business Strategist, Transformation Mentor and Theta Healer who has worked in both corporate and academic sectors. I have a track record in building relationships, strategic partnerships, problem solving, analytical thinking, strategy development and applying intuitive insight that has yielded a lot of success and pushed beyond traditional boundaries. As a change instigator I seek creative solutions to overcome limitations and cultivate positive change in people and business opportunities. My ability to understanding people and their motivators is unique, harnessing these skills to identify their key driving force, concerns and challenges I help bring out the best in individuals and the optimal outcome for any situation. Combining my multidimensional skills and experiences I help empower my clients to access their aligned roadmap of where they want to be in all spheres of their life by co-creating the tools, strategies, solutions, overcoming limiting beliefs to take action and achieve this.


I am passionate about people powerfully succeeding and exceling in life, to play some part in the process of up levelling individuals and witnessing the transformation is an honour and a pleasure. Having been on both sides of the table of this process (the client and the consultant), I know first-hand the extent of the transformation that is possible.


The MISSION – inspiring others to align and up level, so they go on to inspire others and demonstrate what is possible, perpetuating the transformation of individuals and the collective. Afterall, we all deserve the full life experience.

My Motivation

I have always been a conditioned high achiever, trained as a Biochemical Engineer, been awarded a doctorate and have worked at senior levels within the biotech industry and academia. As someone who has worked in high pressure environments, I understand what it means to be running on empty, moulded by external commitments, responsibilities, obligations and constantly overcompensating. I realised the intention behind everything I did was often not aligned with who I was and what I truly desired, creating a chronic internal tug of war. I felt dissatisfaction despite all the award winning success.  Knowing I was being a fraction of I could be led to a deeper investigation, pushing every possible limit, block, resistance, and belief system I had in all areas of my life. This process fundamentally shifted me to a state of being completely aligned and powerful. From this point my entire approach became elevated and further bridged the gap between science and intuitive insight by integrating my training in ThetaHealing®. I realised that my success in problem solving and leadership was down to my intuitive approach. I began to appreciate the value this transformed state brought in terms of freedom, awareness of my actual potential, living a life of purpose and impact in all areas, deep peace and happiness regardless of what is happening around me - you can’t put a price on that!


I have chosen to pursue a path to support others to achieve the same in any and all areas of their lives, it is truly the greatest gift you can ever give yourself!

"Working with Nav has been transformational beyond my expectations, the realisations and breakthroughs have altered the way I approach work and life"

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