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Transformation Programme

This Programme is designed to create life changing transformation to bring you into alignment with yourself, your gifts, personal power to accelerate your potential and create a more fulfillment in all areas of your life personally or professionally.

My commitment is to be your greatest champion
Your commitment is to invest in yourself


This Programme is designed to create life changing transformation to bring you into alignment with yourself, your gifts, personal power to accelerate your potential and create a more fulfilment in all areas of your life personally and professionally. This programme is suitable for anyone ready to up level in life - are you ready to do this?


This mentoring programme is unique and powerful, combing ThetaHealing, analytical thinking and coaching to enable a holistic overview of all the various different aspects you would like to address personally and/or professorially, keep track of your breakthroughs and supported by tailored tools to create lasting transformative change.


The initial programme commitment is for 3 months to map out all the areas you want to address and progress. The mentoring sessions will focus on a deep dive into resolving the root cause of challenges, limitations and blocks and provide strategies and tools on how to move forward with confidence and sustainability. This initial phase will involve:


  • 9 mentoring sessions (3 per month)

  • In the initial meeting we will discuss and plan the focus of our work and your goals

  • Guidance on tools and strategies to support your progress and integrate the changes from the sessions

  • On-going email support between sessions

  • Sessions can take place face to face if you are based in Dubai or online for international clients


Following the initial 3 month commitment we can continue the mentoring programme in blocks of 3 sessions on a monthly basis to the point you feel you have achieved a level of contentment in all the identified areas and feel more empowered. In some cases clients resolve all the first stage of issues in one area of their life and choose to work on new areas beyond the initial 3 months, the process is flexible to suit your needs.

Client Transformations

"My sessions with Nav have been transformational beyond my expectations. What has stood out most to me is that it would have been near impossible to have some of the realizations I have had on my own. I have also been surprised by the level of depth reached within a short period. I would add that getting a level of comfort with Nav is almost effortless, and the trust generated goes a long way in addressing more difficult topics which are bound to come up. It’s been rewarding to observe specific shifts in my thinking and to see unexpected breakthroughs in my life, which I credit to the work done with Nav"

Kyung, Vice President, UAE

“Working with Nav has been a life altering experience. After just one session I experienced immediate results with releasing all the limiting beliefs and baggage from early childhood that have been impacting me in a major way. Over the next few sessions, we worked on deep trauma from the past that has been holding me back personally and professionally. After each session I feel nothing is left and it is no longer impacting my day to day living. I have never felt so centred and at peace in my life, I am very aware of how my behaviours have changed for the positive. Nav creates a non-judgemental and professional space during our sessions which helps me feel safe to open up and share. I can honestly say this is the most effective method of coaching I have ever come across. Nav has helped facilitate a life changing miracle in my life, thank you Nav!”

Riaan, Operations Manager, Saudi Arabia

“I feel like Nav’s integrated approach looking at academic research strategy and addressing limiting beliefs is very powerful and effective. I have had immediate results impacting my everyday life, behaviour, and work. I am much calmer, more reflective, and more strategic in my preparation before taking action. This fundamental shift in my approach has increased my productivity resulting in improved outcomes and satisfaction at work. Specifically, the sessions helped me to navigate high profile meetings where I have already experienced a positive response to my transformed ways of working and meaningful contributions.  I find I am communicating more confidently without fear of judgment or the relentless urge to prove myself to others. I have personally overcome some fears and feel overall more confident and knowledgeable about my value and worth. This is continuously helping me in the professional sphere, but also in the personal level where I am now able to communicate more effectively. Some sessions reach a deeper level of getting to the root cause of limiting beliefs and challenges I am facing; this has led to new insights with reflection and I quickly experience the application of new approaches to real life or work situations.”

Martina, Professor, UK

“Sessions with Nav have been a transformative experience of unlearning and relearning my true beliefs and values that I feel influence important areas of my personal and professional life. I have discovered how some past experiences have powerfully shaped my belief systems, whilst these served a purpose in helping me to survive many personal traumas and even contributed to personal and professional successes to this day, they have become restrictive and no longer serve me to thrive. She helped me to recognise deep realisations and review this from a totally different perspective and opened my horizon. I am not new to the journey of self-reflection and self-improvement, having used many approaches in past to seek fulfilment. However, Nav has given me a totally different toolbox, and her holistic approach has opened completely new roads in my journey. Working with Nav on the Transformation Programme over the last 8 months has given me deeper understanding of myself and the people around me, I am more confident, feel more connected with myself and my loved ones, and with the universe around me. Furthermore, it has helped me identify my core skills in a work setting, how much I have evolved, connect me with what I actually desire from a job and contributed significantly to me successfully changing my career and being on a path where I feel more fulfilled and optimistic about the future.  I plan to continue working with Nav on the Transformational Programme to do a deep dive into different areas of my life.  I would certainly recommend anyone who seeks a better connection to themselves and to overcome limiting beliefs that impact important aspects of our day to day to work with Nav.”

Dr Khorram, Health R&D Specialist, UK

“I was a mess when I first met with Nav. I was lacking direction and motivation in my personal life and at work, overall I didn’t see much long-term purpose in life. Everything felt very challenging and chaotic, impacting my day-to-day and potential at work. The sessions have helped me understand why I felt that way, I gained a new perception and the tools to help me move out of this state. With each session I felt significantly calmer, a lot more aware of myself and the reasons why I had been feeling the way I did. Nav was very easy to talk to and understood my thoughts and goals well. After 3 months of work with Nav, I find myself in a much stronger position, I feel I have overcome old patterns that have been restricting me. I am happier within myself, more relaxed, open and accepting of things in my life. I feel confident and have clarity on where I want to be and what I want out of my life. Thank you!”

Siva, Operations Manager, UAE

“I have an established career in a prestigious university. While I ultimately strive and succeed, on a personal level the path is not easy and I feel there are many challenges that influence my career. I recognise that I have certain limiting beliefs that create unease and pressure on myself. I knew that many behavioural patterns had come from traumatic life events. They have to some extent served a purpose and led to progress, but often through struggle and fear and have started to be counterproductive. My first session with Nav was very deep and surprisingly liberating. She gave me a channel to let go of the past that was holding me back and made space to uncover strengths and enjoyment. I started to feel energised straight after the first session, in a way I have not for a long time. Nav has a unique way of understanding me and is structured in her approach to help me achieve more satisfying and effective ways of working. I have already implemented positive changes after a few sessions. I completely trust Nav and I'm incredibly grateful that she has taken me on this journey.”

Stefanie, University Lecturer, UK

“I considered coaching as I am seeking a more enriching experience in my life and career. As a (now recovering) perfectionist I can achieve a lot, however the difficulty is prioritisation especially when it comes to activities/tasks impacting my personal performance and career progression. I tended to prioritise what others demand from me but over time this made me feel unhappy, stuck, and left behind. Similarly, I feel I am not maximising my relationships at work on personal or professional level as I haven't allowed myself to fully participate. This has made me feel very restricted. I knew something was missing and could never quite pinpoint exactly what it was. While working with Nav, I managed to identify, and reflect on, the patterns and beliefs that have been holding me back, exhausting me and preventing me from fully being myself at work. I have enjoyed re-connecting with parts of myself that I kept hidden to fit the mould and have more awareness of the behaviours which have previously served to protect against potential pain or disappointment. I now recognise how much these have been limiting me personally and professionally as I move forward. Nav’s superpower is in her ability to listen, keen perception and methodical approach. She goes beyond what is being said and dives into the underlying meaning and root cause. I have quickly gained perspectives that would have taken me much longer to figure out alone. More importantly, Nav introduces me to a totally different viewpoint that I may not even have thought of. Nav has boosted my self-belief, the importance of aligning with my whole self for the full and enriching experience at work. I know this will power me through the next stage of my career as well as in other areas of my life.”

Andy, Professor, UK

“Since Nav has come from an environment of world class academia and a fast paced biotech industry she completely understands core aspects of my life, the value of my work and the way in which I am driven. However, despite the hard work and success, there has been a deep sense that all my achievements still could never be enough and I had an emptiness.  Through this process of exploration with Nav, I identified certain patterns that have kept me stuck and on a deeper level created restrictions in the way I approach certain situations at work and in life. She has helped me illuminate some of the darker corners within my existence and actually addressed them directly. The sessions with Nav ultimately facilitated in drawing out a road map unique to me, based on how I desire to approach life and work in a way that is optimal for me. I also received a set of tools that feel much more authentic than my previous coping strategies, which I had grown tired of and were no longer effective. I see a fundamental difference in how I approach challenging situations now, I’m able to slow down and question my instinctive reactions. By focussing on process rather than outcome I can see more beauty in life and implement strategic thinking more effectively at work.”

Morrigan, Professor, UK

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