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Supporting Businesses to Thrive

Create an aligned business strategy through the combination of analytical and innovative thinking to keep your business ahead. Implement tools and optimised ways of working that bring out the best in your people, establish your business vision and turn this into tangible, achievable goals.

Sharing a wealth of experience acquired over 20 years from both industry and academia, I bring together innovative out of the box approaches to support business growth, productivity, and efficiency. Key areas where I provide guidance and support include:

  • At an early stage for potential companies to conduct due diligence and assessing business potential

  • Developing and implementing a robust operational strategy

  • Developing a phased strategy for business growth and sustainability

  • Creating a roadmap for business objectives, vision, goals and resource requirements

  • Gap analysis in areas of the business that are not thriving and developing strategies to implement solutions

  • Deep dive analysis in what is working and what is not to help streamline business operations, focus on value-add activities and boost productivity/efficiency

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Staff mentoring for succession planning


I also offer guidance on designing and executing workshops in any of the areas mentioned above or related to other aspects of your business that requires a deeper understanding.

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