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Transformation Programme

This Programme is designed to create life changing transformation to bring you into alignment with yourself, your gifts, personal power to accelerate your potential and create  fulfilment in all areas of your life personally and professionally. This programme is suitable for anyone ready to up level in life - are you ready to do this?


The initial programme commitment is for 4 months.  This methodology of mentoring is powerful, combining ThetaHealing, analytical thinking and coaching, this enables a holistic overview to map out the various areas you want to address and progress personally and/or professionally.


Sessions will focus on a deep dive into resolving the root cause of challenges, limitations and blocks, this is further complemented by tailored strategies and tools on how to move forward with confidence.


Following the sessions, you may experience breakthroughs in terms of deep realisations; shifted behaviour patterns; release of emotions that no longer serve you; greater clarity and a deeper level of contentment. The goal is to integrate this transformative change to create a sustainable new reality for you.


This initial phase will involve:

  • 12 mentoring sessions (~3 per month)

  • Guidance on tools and strategies to support your progress and integrate the shifts from the sessions

  • On-going email support between sessions

  • Sessions are just as effective online as in person regardless of where you are based. There is the option for face-to-face sessions if you are based in Dubai


The duration of the transformation programme is very personal and at your pace. Following the initial 4 month commitment we can continue the mentoring process in blocks of 3 sessions on a monthly basis to the point where you feel you have achieved a level of contentment and empowerment in all the areas identified to be addressed.  In many cases clients resolve all the major issues in a key aspect of their life and then choose to work on new areas beyond the initial 4 month commitment, the process is flexible to suit your needs.

My commitment is to be your greatest champion
Your commitment is to invest in yourself
"My sessions with Nav have been transformational beyond my expectations. What has stood out most to me is that it would have been near impossible to have some of the realizations I have had on my own. I have also been surprised by the level of depth reached within a short period. I would add that getting a level of comfort with Nav is almost effortless, and the trust generated goes a long way in addressing more difficult topics which are bound to come up. It’s been rewarding to observe specific shifts in my thinking and to see unexpected breakthroughs in my life, which I credit to the work done with Nav"

Kyung, Vice President

Client Transformations Stories

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