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Individual Private Sessions

Sessions can be booked at any time at your convenience. My unique approach provides you with the toolbox to re-engineer your desired outcome for any aspect of your life personally and professionally.


How sessions work

  • Sessions are just as effective online as in person regardless of where you are based. There is the option for face-to-face sessions if you are based in Dubai.

  • Each session is 1 hour.

  • I encourage you to share any background information on what you would like to work on ahead of the session via email so we can save time on this discussion during the session and focus on addressing it.

Consistent Mentoring Creates Life Changing Transformations
A single session can create a huge shift in life related to the area we are working on, in some cases depending on how deep rooted the issues are you may feel more than one session is required.

For a more comprehensive experience the Transformation Programme provides consistent mentoring with dedicated support and guidance during and in between sessions to keep you motivated in your personal development. This mentoring programme is powerful, combining ThetaHealing, analytical thinking and coaching to enable a holistic overview of all the various aspects you would like to address personally and/or professionally. This is further supported by tailored tools and strategies to create lasting transformative change.

Client Transformations Stories

"My sessions with Nav have been transformational beyond my expectations. What has stood out most to me is that it would have been near impossible to have some of the realizations I have had on my own. I have also been surprised by the level of depth reached within a short period. I would add that getting a level of comfort with Nav is almost effortless, and the trust generated goes a long way in addressing more difficult topics which are bound to come up. It’s been rewarding to observe specific shifts in my thinking and to see unexpected breakthroughs in my life, which I credit to the work done with Nav"

Kyung, Vice President

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